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Laptop, digital projector, course presentation, exams and boaters card processing fees


what the client provides

1 day course that includes a Power Point presentation and discussion covering many safe boating skills including onboard equipment requirements, safe boating practices, cold water survival, navigation and the buoy systems followed by a 50 question multiple choice exam. Students are required to score 38/50 to pass.

With a 9:30 AM start and a half hour lunch students can expect to be completed the course and exam by 5:00 PM.

Course venue with a reasonably dark setting, tables and chairs, a clear white wall or projector screen, pens.

OUR Mission

course fee's & requirements

A minimum of 10 students is required to host a course plus travel time and expenses from Winnipeg, MB which may include; airfare, hotel and meal costs.

Visit our "Contact Us"  page below, tell us your location and your preferred course date and we'll email you a training quote.

*Certified Sailing Instructor
*Certified Pleasure Craft Operators *Card Presenter and Examiner
*Member: Sail Canada
*Member: Sail Manitoba
​*Experienced Ocean Sailor


To bring safe boaters training to all communities throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario through our 1 Day Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operators Card Course & Exam (Boaters Card)

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